Do you want to improve your credit score or eliminate debt?

Here at Fix Bad Credit, we are determined to improve your financial situation. My only question is, are you ?

I need help to improve my Credit Score

I need help to Eliminate Debt

I need help with Bankruptcy

I contacted a broker to get finance for a house and found out that I have a default on my credit report, they will stop me getting finance, my broker told me to contact fix bad credit which turns out to be great advice within one week they have remove the default from my credit report and now I can get my finance.
Andy Griffith
Andy Griffith
04:33 05 Nov 23
I had an issue with my credit report and i got it fixed within 2 weeks. Excellent work.
Bukassa Beloti
Bukassa Beloti
04:20 28 Oct 23
Cleaning up my credit rating is something I had been wanting to do for a while, but I wasn’t in a good position to. Things have changed and it was time to clean up my credit rating, I had also been putting this off due to the thought of it being stressful and costly. I contacted Fix Bad Credit and arranged a time to go over my credit rating, as soon as I got off the phone to Fix Bad Credit, I felt a massive sigh of relief. The customer service is something I’ve never received before along with the education they give you about your credit rating to continue to improve and not damage your credit rating. I highly recommend this company and will continue to for many years.
Ashlee Hawkins
Ashlee Hawkins
04:45 27 Oct 23
I’m going for a mortgage and I had a few problems on my credit report, the team at fix bad credit helped me out and had everything done in a week,big thanks to CJ Espeically very helpful guy and would highly recommend to anyone looking at getting there credit file fixed.
Robert Bell
Robert Bell
04:58 24 Oct 23
I had an issue caused by someone else. CJ and the staff at Fix bad credit were nothing short of outstanding. The understanding there knowledge and the compassion they gave me was sensational. They took the problem on, researched it and fixed it. From my experience these guys are the best in the business and highly recommend them.Thanks CJ you are NO 1.
11:50 19 Oct 23
I Would highly recommend the team at fix bad credit ,we were on the verge of losing our deposit and land due to a default and thank to the team the default has been removed.
slothbrah zyzz
slothbrah zyzz
03:14 19 Oct 23
I approached Cj and the team and Fix Bad Credit with multiple issues on my credit score, from the very first phone call I had with Cj he was very helpful and informative, he also understood why I was in the situation I was in and was more than willing to help, he knew I wasn’t able to pay money up front and was more than happy to let me go into a payment plan which has helped me a lot.
Alex Oxborrow
Alex Oxborrow
01:15 19 Oct 23
Highly recommend, fantastic services, brilliantHelped us refinance property ,So gladThank you
Baljit Kaur
Baljit Kaur
02:53 17 Oct 23
Having Cj Credit repairs help me to restore my credit score so that I would be able to apply for loans and also be able to build a house is honestly a good feeling. This would have taken me 5 years until it could be cleared out but now it only took me a few weeks. I'm glad that they were able to resolve and fix my credit score even though it took a lot of back and forth with them and also with Panthera finance its all about patience and at the end the job was done. i would recommend them to anyone.
edward gondor
edward gondor
01:50 17 Oct 23
I had a bad credit rating, and came across Fix Bad Credit. They went above and beyond to help me, made it all so easy. I can’t recommend them enough to anyone!
10:10 16 Oct 23
I had an issue caused by someone else.CJ and the staff at Fix bad credit were nothing short of outstanding. The understanding there knowledge and the compassion they gave me was sensational. They took the problem on, researched it and fixed it. From my experience these guys are the best in the business and highly recommend them.Thanks CJ you are No 1.
Tony Delittle
Tony Delittle
22:29 13 Mar 23
I knew I had bad credit and it was something I had been avoiding for a long time. I stumbled upon CJ and the fix bad credit team by accident, and needless to say it was the best thing to happen to me. From the first point of contact to having my credit score repaired and looking good was a total of 17 days! The communication from CJ was easy to understand and regular. Since getting my score repaired he has also helped with brokers and getting me the finance I wanted! I couldn’t be happier and I can not recommend the fix bad credit team enough! All it takes is one phone call.
cameron williams
cameron williams
05:12 10 Feb 23
Impossible to overstate the importance of engaging the financial services sector with someone that understands how it works and the motivation of those involved. Carey has that knowledge in spades, knows how to use it to his clients best advantage and facilitate successful outcomes. His tenacity is frightening and I cannot recommend highly enough using FBC to champion what appear to be lost causes, and more importantly - win.
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith
02:22 23 Jan 23
Had to use 'fix bad' due to a couple of mistakes on my credit score. CJ was brilliant, quick, and effective and could not recommend him higher.
James Smith
James Smith
04:43 17 Jan 23
When I reached out to CJ from Fix Bad Credit for enquiry removal information, CJ had given me the right advice and spent over half an hour with me for free and helped me save money as none of the enquiries were harmful, they just needed some time and also shared tips on how to improve the credit score. Thank you CJ! Highly recommended.
Sana Nazreen
Sana Nazreen
23:51 29 Nov 22
They were very helpful, kept me in the loop with what is going on! Definitely well worth it if anyone is hesitant about their credit!
Deana Poggi
Deana Poggi
08:34 25 Nov 22
I found CJ to be professional, informative and able to offer an incredible service. Before my initial discussion with CJ, I had no idea how credit works. I have a 6 figure income and my credit score remained low, even after paying off debts/bills on time for the past 4+ years.After one consultation, we derived a plan on how to remove defaults, half my debts and refinance my loan to a company that report repayments. (Ultimately increasing my credit score)Purchasing a home looked impossible, until now.Can’t thank this business enough for the knowledge and service they’ve provided me.
Jorden Ortez
Jorden Ortez
14:09 22 Oct 22
My dealing with CJ Horne was great. He spent some time on my file and advised me the best possible solution for my situation at the moment free of cost. I really appreciate his approach and honest piece of advice.
Hafiz Abdur Rehman
Hafiz Abdur Rehman
11:56 28 Aug 22
Unfortunately sometimes life happens.. sometimes you win... and sometimes someone sets up a fraud account in your name and you don’t find out until your financing your car!Rather than going via the long winded usually roots which take up to 3-6 months to remove fraud activity on a credit record- the team was able to remove this for me in less than 2 weeks!!!I was able to secure my car in time and at a lower rate. All thanks to CJ. 🙂
Larissa Thurley
Larissa Thurley
08:33 23 Aug 22
CJ was amazing! Instead of trying to sell me something we didn’t need, he has directed us to someone who could actually help us get the proper finance options we needed. Thank you for doing the right thing and help us get to where we need to be.
Brooke Clarke
Brooke Clarke
10:59 15 Aug 22
The guys from fox bad credit did a great job.. I wouldn’t go to anyone else these guys know what they are doing. I did initially have a complaint about them but I clearly jumped to conclusions and CJ dealt with it professionally and really helped me out.. thanks CJ
Luke Radin
Luke Radin
06:05 12 Jul 22
I had a very good experience with fix bad credit who gave me good honest advice an helped me to fix my credit rating. Thanks.Highly recommend
luke messineo
luke messineo
01:50 04 Jul 22
Helped me double my Credit Score in span of less than 3 months. The team are so good at what they do. Definitely recommend them to everyone!
Aqueel Haisam
Aqueel Haisam
02:36 29 Jun 22
ONE WORD... AMAZING!CJ was just phenomenal to deal with, from start to finish and constantly reassured me that he would get it all sorted for meI had so many questions and he was beyond patient throughout the entire process (which was so damm easy might I add) and literally had everything fixed up within less than half the time originally advised.These guys are incredible at what they do and would defiantly 100% recommend to anyone.Genuinely changed my life so thank you!
Chantelle Mittz
Chantelle Mittz
07:41 08 Jun 22
Amazing Team of people working hard & truly passionate about getting people back on track to excellence. Thank you for your services
Jimmy William
Jimmy William
20:34 29 May 22
Had a good experience, Fix Bad Credit has been helpful, good communication, provided knowledge and financial advise as well as providing goods customer service.
Kate Zituta
Kate Zituta
02:18 09 May 22
Fix bad credit made my day. The reoccurring spending habits that controlled my life were identified and have now been put in touch with the help I needed, this couldn’t have come sooner . Thank you
Andrew Padayachy
Andrew Padayachy
04:06 16 Apr 22
CJ was amazing. It's been a long process to fix my credit due to mistakes at a young age. So many other places were happy to take my money with no guarantee they will have success in helping. CJ told me plain and simple what I need to do and what will help. He didn't charge me a cent either. Gave his honest opinion woth a good 30 minute phone call and thoughts on what will genuinely help. I am going to put all this into place and give him a call in 6 months to discuss future moves towards buying a house. We all make mistakes in life and stress I've them. It's people like CJ that make you feel calm and believe it will all be ok with some solid advice. Thanks again CJ
James Tipping
James Tipping
05:11 02 Mar 22
I needed 2 defaults removed ( paid defaults ) and CJ produced the goods. Both defaults have now been removed and I can safely apply for finance for my home.Thanks once again mate. All the stress has been lifted !Cheers,Cam
Home Decore
Home Decore
03:52 15 Dec 21
James has really showed his utmost professionalism, got my credit issues fixed as quick as only 3 weeks. They are highly recommended.
Rocky Chen
Rocky Chen
03:54 27 Jul 21
Myself and my partner engaged another credit repair company to assist with default removals, and cleaning up the credit file.Unfortunately they took our money, and that was all. The ombudsman became involved, but in the end we were left with nothing.The Fix Bad Credit team offered to help. And they certainly did that. Credit score is now above 800 and they are now assisting us with a $60k debt.It’s been life changing. I strongly recommend if you have debt, or credit issues, to reach out to the team at Fix Bad credit. Thanks again Carey absolute legend!!!
07:54 13 Jul 21
I went to the Fix Bad Credit team as I was living with the burden each month trying to pay back debt due to unforeseen life circumstances that had occurred over the last few years which often led me taking time off work and only making the minimal payments. As a single parent I felt I wasn't getting anywhere. The Fix Bad Credit team have negotiated a massive saving for me and managed to consolidate the remaining debt into monthly affordable payments without interest being incurred. Any issues I may have had on my credit report and have now been removed. I look forward to being able to purchase a home in the future which wouldn't have been possible before. Thanks so much Fix Bad Credit Team, super grateful.
Kellie Lyndon-James
Kellie Lyndon-James
02:00 09 Jul 21
As a business owner I appreciated the transparency, fast response, professionalism and execution of the Fix Bad Credit team.We had some apprehension using a credit repair service. But after the experience and seeing the outcome, I will be recommending Fix bad Credit to my entire network.
Ignite Global Group
Ignite Global Group
06:40 21 Jun 21

Why choose us?

  • IDirect contact with your personal credit and debt solution expert.
  • IDiscreet service with full confidentiality.
  • IOperated for over 10+ years.
  • IRegular communication (at least weekly updates with your 1 point of contact).
  • IFamily owned & operated (your success is key to our reputation).
  • IWe genuinely care and love what we do.
  • INo result, no fee guarantee.
  • IWe tailor to your needs rather than push our own agendas.

Our Mission

To help you take control of debt and achieve financial freedom

Getting into debt can happen to anyone, all it takes is a few missed payments and before you know it, you can find yourself overwhelmed by debt, your credit score destroyed, and the stress starts to take control of all aspects of your life.

Asking for help is the hardest part. It’s easy to feel embarrassed, but we’ve helped 100s of customers over the past ten years to become debt free and we can help you too.

Everything starts with a discreet and confidential risk free Credit Assessment to identify your credit woes. Once we understand your personal situation, we will tailor a strategy for improving credit, reducing debt and managing any repayments.

This credit assessment process costs you absolutely nothing, you are under no obligation to move ahead with our recommendations. Whether or not you come on board with us, you will learn valuable insights into your credit situation.

What do you have to lose? Let’s chat, we promise you it’s the first step towards taking back control of your financial situation.

What Fix Bad Credit can do for you

Credit repair

Repair and improve your credit score

A low credit score could be costing you money, with the risk of being offered higher interest rates, or even worse, refused credit altogether. But the Fix Bad Credit team can help you improve your credit, ensuring you are in the best possible position when applying for new credit with a range of credit repair solutions.

Stress relief

Stop the debt collector calls

Contact Fix Bad Credit for help and we’ll immediately stop the barrage of debt collector calls, giving you breathing space to work with us on an affordable debt repayment plan. You’ll reduce your stress and no longer need to worry every time your phone rings.

Debt reduction

Reduce your debt by up to 90%

The Fix Bad Credit team has an enviable record of successful negotiation with creditors to reduce debt owed by up to 90%, turning the remaining balance into low affordable regular interest-free repayments, without impacting your credit score.

Debt solutions

Make a single regular affordable payment

Are you struggling to keep on top of all your debt repayments? The Fix Bad Credit team can negotiate with your creditors for a payment plan, where all you have is one payment each month that you can reasonably afford, making it far easier to manage and much harder to forget.

Bankruptcy assistance

Receive Bankruptcy assistance

Sometimes bankruptcy is the best option for your long-term financial freedom. The Fix Bad Credit team will help you explore what options work best for your unique situation. If you choose Bankruptcy is the option you choose, we have the team to ensure the process is as stress free as possible with minimal impact on your day-to-day life.

Financial freedom

Become Debt Free

After working with Fix Bad Credit, you’ll be able to sleep easy, knowing exactly how and when you will be debt free and on your way to financial freedom.

How It Works

Becoming Financially Free Is Easier Than You Think

Step 1: Identify

Asking for help is the hardest part. Which is why you get a personal debt and credit solution expert to confidentially review your unique situation and work with you every step of the way

Step 2: Plan

We then work with you, providing options for improving your credit, reducing debt and managing any repayments

Step 3: Repair

We can then assist with your chosen options each step of the way, implementing your unique credit and debt solution strategy

Step 4: Monitor

We offer an on-going service to continue to monitor your credit situation, regularly reviewing any changes to your credit score and identifying potential problems before they affect your financial well-being.

Associations & Affiliates

EM (name has been changed for privacy purposes), a school Teacher, had recently been through a separation, and found herself left with the debt that her and her partner had spent on setting up their lives together.

EM discovered that not only did she have defaults on her credit report, but it would take her over five years to pay back the debt – and that’s without interest being added. She was feeling overwhelmed by it all and resigned to only ever being able to rent.

How We Helped:

Luckily, EM contacted us at Fix Bad Credit. Her Fix Bad Credit personal debt solution expert assessed her situation and explained some recommended options. After carefully considering her options, EM decided to go ahead and asked us to assist her with the tailored debt solution option she felt best addressed her situation.

12 weeks later the $55,189 debt was settled for a lump sum payment of $9,500. EM is now looking forward to starting the hunt for her own home, 5 years earlier than she thought possible

How We Helped Jeff M To Remove Defaults & Secure Finance

When Jeff M. came to Fix Bad Credit he had three defaults on his credit report, two with banks and one with a utility company (Electricity provider). Jeff M. is a Painter, and works as a self-employed sole trader. When these three defaults occurred, Jeff M. had not been paid by a builder for a job he had completed 4 months earlier. This had impacted his cash flow, and his ability to pay his bills. Unfortunately, these defaults had a disastrous effect on his credit report, lowering his previously healthy credit score to 412.
How we helped:

  • We negotiated with all three credit providers
    and arranged for the three default listings to be removed.
  • This had the immediate effect of increasing Jeff M’s credit score by 395 points to 807.
  • With a clean credit report and an increased credit score.

After working with Fix Bad Credit Jeff M was now able to secure finance for his business.

Been declined for credit or struggling with debt? Let’s change that

If you have been declined for credit because you have an issue on your credit report, or debt is something you would like to eliminate, then you aren’t alone.

Fix Bad Credit have put together an extraordinary team of dedicated and passionate individuals that have helped thousands of Australians change their financial situation for over a decade, and we are serious about changing your situation too. The only question is, are you?

If debt, defaults, repayment history information, enquiries, court judgements, or a low credit score is preventing you from living the life you deserve, then it’s time we fix it.

Debt relief and Credit Repair Australia-wide

Fix Bad Credit has helped thousands of Aussies change their financial situation for more than a decade. Over many years of industry experience we have developed the best process for credit repair Australia and debt solutions in the business. We pride ourselves in making sure we offer everyone a tailored solution for their own unique situation. Fix Bad Credit has a near 100% success rate, making us the industry leaders in credit repair in Australia, offering credit restoration and debt solutions. If you require default removal, Repayment History Information removal, enquiry removal, court judgement removal, improving your credit score, and eliminating your debt, Fix Bad Credit delivers a 5 star Google rating with our no win no fee 100% Guarantee. If Credit restoration is something you need, we deliver at no risk to you.

The world of professional credit repair is changing with the arrival of Fix Bad Credit. Our innovative strategies provide the opportunity to help thousands of Australians improve their credit score and eliminate debt with our unparalleled industry experienced handpicked experts providing 24/7 support. If it’s risk free results you want in changing your financial situation, we are ready to turn things around for you, are you?

Want to change your financial situation?

If you have been declined for finance because of information on your credit report, it’s not the end of the road. We have a highly skilled team of credit repair experts to assist you with credit repair in Australia.  We have helped thousands of people over the past decade go from being declined to approved for finance. My only question is, will you be our next success story?

We live in a country that has one of the highest ratios of personal debt in the world. Getting into debt is easy, getting out of it can be challenging. If your life would benefit from reducing debt between 40% – 100% we are ready to work with you to make that happen. This can save you thousands in dollars and years in time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We have bought together the best in the business to ensure you have the best results possible. Our highly skilled team of credit repair and debt solution experts are ready to change your financial situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really become debt free?

Our experienced team have been helping Australians get out of debt for over 10 years. No matter your unique situation, we have a solution to help you achieve a debt free life.

How can Fix Bad Credit help me with my debt?

Fix Bad Credit’s mission is to help you take control of your debt and achieve financial freedom. We will undertake a free confidential assessment of your current finances, taking the time to fully understand your unique financial situation to tailor the best debt solution options to meet your needs. We provide you with as much information as possible upfront, so you can make an informed and confident decision about the debt solution that’s best for your particular circumstances and budget. We then deal directly with your creditors, you only deal with the same friendly credit and debt solution expert that you have since day 1. We take care of the pain, so you can get on with living.

Does it cost to check my credit score?

No, you can request a free copy of your personal credit report online from the three Credit Reporting Agencies.

  • Equifax (previously known as Veda).
  • Experian Australia
  • Illion (formerly trading as Dun & Bradstreet Australia)

Alternatively, you can contact us, and we can order your credit reports on your behalf, at no cost.

How do I stop the debt collector calling me?
Working with Fix Bad Credit, our legal team will contact your creditors, and stop those annoying phone calls, once and for all. Your stress will be less and you’ll no longer need to worry every time your phone rings.
How much of my debt will I need to pay back?

Fix Bad Credit has a proud history of helping our members reduce the debt they need to repay by 40% – 90% of what they owed before contacting us. Every situation is different, but the sooner you reach out, the sooner we can assess your particular situation and provide the best debt solution options available to meet your particular circumstances and budget.