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Meet BGC New Home Sales Consultant Braden.

Braden was a top sales consultant with volume builder BGC. But with more and more clients being declined for bad credit, he couldn’t help but cringe at all that lost commissions.

Then after a chance meeting with one of our executive at his local gym. Braden started using Fix Bad Credit as a tool to improve his approvals.

Now Braden is the top salesman in the company. He has increased his commissions by $30,000 within 3 months and created an additional $1.4m in revenue for BGC!

“I never realised how much commissions I was losing, FBC put an extra $30k in my bank within 3 months!”

A recent report stated that almost 1 in 4 credit applications are declined because of information on the credit report.

That’s 25%

Based on these stats Fix Bad Credit would love the opportunity to work with (company name) and increase your sales by up to

25% @ Zero cost to you?

Kind Regards,


James Kaiwai
Business Development Manager,

Fix Bad Credit Australia

Increase your sales at no cost to you?

Get Paid Twice?


Yes that’s right, not only will we convert your lost sales into coms, but for every person you refer that we assist we will pay you an agreed fee.