How we helped Steve eliminate $35,370 in debt for $4,500 in 8 weeks

Steve (name has been changed for privacy purposes) has his own business in Perth as a floor sander. He’s brilliant at what he does, and has work coming out his ears. In fact, if you want a great floor sander get in touch.

In October 2020, Steve was doing a job for someone who Fix Bad Credit had previously helped obtain finance after their initial home loan application was declined, due to issues with their credit report.

How We Helped

Steve mentioned how he really wanted to buy a house, but unfortunately had to sort out some debt and credit report issues of his own. In fact, Steve’s credit report was in such a bad state he could not even get a mobile phone contract. After our client gave Steve our number, Steve gave us a call.

On the 11th of December we enjoyed making the phone call to Steve to let him know that we had negotiated with his creditors for his $35,370 debt to be settled for a $4,500 payment and removed the defaults from his credit report.

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