Learn how we Helped Enes with his Debt Problems

Enes is a hard-working tradie in Melbourne who does his best to provide for his young family. Like many sole traders Enes has an unreliable income and was struggling to keep on top of his debt repayments.

Things quickly began to spiral out of control for Enes, he started accumulating a lot of debt, and his inconsistent cash flow meant that before long his late debt repayments became defaults. Soon Enes felt like he was drowning in debt with no way out, it began to serious impact on his own mental health and family life.

To get himself out of this situation Enes was considering bankruptcy. Luckily before going down that path Enes first got in touch with the expert debt solutions team at Fix Bad Credit. We carefully assessed his financial situation and identified a couple of alternative options for Enes to consider for solving his debt issues. Once Enes selected the option which best suited his situation Fix Bad Credit then successfully negotiated with his creditors to reduce his debt to cents in the dollars and removed the default listings from his credit report. As a result, Enes managed to avoid bankruptcy and had his debt reduced to a more manageable level.

Enes no longer fears phone calls from his creditors and can sleep easily at night knowing he is back in control of his finances. You can hear from him yourself here.

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