Learn how we Helped Eranda with his Debt Problems

Eranda is a Perth based tradesman whose business has really growing fast. Unfortunately, Eranda was also going through a messy separation which left him with a substantial amount of debt and resulted in his credit report being badly impacted.
Like many Australians, Eranda dreamed about owning his own home, but sadly he believed it would now take him at least 10 years to get out of this debt hole. Luckily though, after telling his clients of his dream of buying his own home, he learnt how Fix Bad Credit had recently helped them into their new house.

Eranda’s clients suggested he give us a call too, and before long the expert debt solution team in Perth had assisted by negotiating with Eranda’s creditors to reduce his debt to cents in the dollar, and successfully managed to remove the default listings from his credit report. In fact, the Fix Bad Credit team helped Eranda increase his credit score by a whopping 800 points in less than 3 months! Eranda’s life was changed.

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