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Have you recently heard about credit scores and are curious to know more? Or have you been refused credit because of your bad credit score, and you didn’t even know you have one? Well, you’re not alone, in fact it is estimated that over 70% of Sydney sider’s either don’t know their credit score or don’t know that they even have one.

Your credit report is a record of your history with managing credit and paying your bills on time. Lenders, like banks, use this information to determine the likelihood that you will pay back any money that they lend you. Essentially the better your credit report, the higher your credit score. Higher credit scores generally result in more favourable credit terms, such as the interest you will need to pay. A low credit score might mean that banks refuse to lend you money or charging you more interest and fat fees.

A bad credit score could be what stands in your way of you living your best life in Sydney.

Why do Credit Scores matter?

For a little number that not many people in Sydney know about, credit scores can have a pretty big impact on your life. Here’s a few reasons:
They give you choices – By helping demonstrate your ability to pay back money, your credit score allows you to borrow money for whatever you wish.
They can score you a better deal – A better credit score can sometimes mean a lower interest rate
They can keep you connected – Phone companies are more likely to approve you for a mobile phone plan if you have a good credit score.
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However, if your history of managing credit is bad and your credit score is low, you’ll constantly fight an uphill battle where mainstream credit is nearly impossible to come by. If you find someone prepared to lend you money, you’ll pay high rates and fat fees for the privilege.
If your credit is bad, we suggest you try to fix it before applying for a new loan.

Our Aim

At Fix Bad Credit, our mission is your financial freedom. One of our experts in debt Repair in Sydney will carefully assess your personal and financial situation so we can tailor a personalised debt solution package to best meet your goals. Your personalised debt solution package will contain options to help you take back control of your debt and start you on your journey to financial freedom.

If you are desperate to get debt help in New South Wales, we are just a call away. If you are faced with challenges paying money you owe, our team of experts can assist you with a detailed evaluation of your options. Dependent on your specific circumstances there are both informal and formal debt solution options available to you. The Fix Bad Credit team is experienced in providing all types of debt help in Sydney.

How Fix Bad Credit helped Jess sleep easily again

As a result of Covid related restrictions in Sydney, Jess’ income was severely impacted from inconsistent and shorter work hours. To keep herself afloat for a period, Jess had to rely on her credit cards. She soon found her credit card debt building up to the point where she was struggling to meet the minimum payments each month, and the interest owed was quickly, and scarily, growing.

Luckily, Jess has equity in her property, so she approached Fix Bad Credit for help to consolidate her debt by re-mortgaging with a more favourable interest rate, enabling her to get back in control of the money she owed. Unfortunately, Jess had a few enquiries with Buy Now Pay Later companies and other pay day lenders on her credit report that were not seen as favourable with the tier one lenders. As a result, Jess could not find a lender willing to allow her to access the equity in her property through a low interest rate home loan.

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Within days, Fix Bad Credit used our in-depth understanding of credit legislation to successfully remove the enquiries from Jess’ credit report, allowing her to access the equity in her property and consolidate her credit card debts with a lower interest rate. This meant Jess was able to lower the total amount of money she needed monthly to repay her debts to a level that she was easily able to cover with her reduced income. Jess soon felt back in control of her financial situation and could sleep easily again at night.

How can Fix Bad Credit help in Sydney?

A low credit score can cost you thousands, with the risk of being offered higher interest rates, or even worse, refused credit altogether. But the Fix Bad Credit team can help you improve your credit history, ensuring you are in the best possibly position when applying for new credit with a range of credit repair Sydney solutions.

We offer a range of credit repair solutions for people in Sydney

Credit Check
Credit Assessment
Credit Review

Credit Improvement

Default Removal
Judgement Removal
Enquiry Removal
Serious Credit Infringement Removal
Repayment History Information

Your Sydney Credit Repair Experts will

Benefits Of Working With Fix Bad Credit

No more missed payments – unlike before when you had several bills to pay with different due dates, the Fix Bad Credit team in Sydney can put together a payment plan for you where all you have is one payment each month, making it far easier to manage and much harder to forget.

Fix Bad Credit – The team at Fix Bad Credit in Sydney will negotiate a repayment plan with your creditors that makes it easier for you to make your repayments on time and in full, demonstrating good repayment habits and avoiding defaults through late payments, improving your credit score.

No more annoying calls from creditors – lenders enlist the help of debt collectors to help collect payments from people who haven’t been paying up or who have a history of paying late. When you sign up with Fix Bad Credit, expect any calls from creditors to stop.

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    Whether you’re looking to improve your credit score or review your current financial situation, the Fix Bad Credit team can help you with a plan that will be tailored to your personal circumstances, wherever you’re located in Sydney. We will work with you to understand your individual circumstances so that we can provide the best plan for you. It is our mission to get you back to living your best life and we will stay on the journey with you.

    You will work closely with one of our credit repair Sydney experts and have continuous direct contact with them

    For over a decade, the professional team at Fix Bad Credit have provided their unparalleled expertise in assisting everyday Sydney siders, just like you, to ensure they are in the best position possible, as we work with you to improve your credit.


    I Would highly recommend the team at fix bad credit ,we were on the verge of losing our deposit and land due to a default and thank to the team the default has been removed.
    slothbrah zyzz
    slothbrah zyzz
    Had to use 'fix bad' due to a couple of mistakes on my credit score. CJ was brilliant, quick, and effective and could not recommend him higher.
    James Smith
    James Smith
    Fix bad credit made my day. The reoccurring spending habits that controlled my life were identified and have now been put in touch with the help I needed, this couldn’t have come sooner . Thank you
    As a business owner I appreciated the transparency, fast response, professionalism and execution of the Fix Bad Credit team.We had some apprehension using a credit repair service. But after the experience and seeing the outcome, I will be recommending Fix bad Credit to my entire network.

    How It Works

    Becoming Financially Free Is Easier Than You Think

    Step 1: Identify

    Asking for help is the hardest part. Which is why you get a personal debt and credit solution expert to confidentially review your unique situation and work with you every step of the way

    Step 2: Plan

    We then work with you, providing options for improving your credit, reducing debt and managing any repayments

    Step 3: Repair

    We can then assist with your chosen options each step of the way, implementing your unique credit and debt solution strategy

    Step 4: Monitor

    We offer an on-going service to continue to monitor your credit situation, regularly reviewing any changes to your credit score and identifying potential problems before they affect your financial well-being.