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Do you experience that familiar sinking feeling of seeing another bill in the inbox or avoiding calls in case they are from aggressive creditors and debt collectors?

Are you worried that your history with managing credit could be costing you opportunities and money, or worse, have you already been knocked back for credit? Your history with managing credit could be costing you money. Yet many people don’t realise they have a credit problem until it is too late. Credit providers, such as banks and other lenders, use the information in your credit report, to assist in deciding whether to lend you money, how much they will lend you (your credit limit) and at what interest rate.

The better your credit, the more “creditworthy” lenders consider you to be, so if your credit history is good, you should be able to get better offers from banks and other lenders, telecommunication and internet companies, insurance companies and gas and electricity companies. Bad credit can lead to companies being reluctant to lend to you or charging you a higher interest rate. Bad credit could also impact your ability to work in certain industries, such as finance.

If your credit is bad, you should find out what’s affecting it – for example, unpaid bills – and work to fix it, as soon as possible. At Fix Bad Credit we are passionate about helping everyday Australians to improve their credit and debt situations. We work to help you:

Get back in control of your money, instead of letting your money situation control you.

Get on track to achieving financial freedom, and

Start living your best life!

For this reason, we offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION CONFIDENTIAL credit review of your unique financial situation.

Fix Bad Credit’s Review includes:

1. One of our Credit Experts will get in touch for a confidential chat to better understand your current financial situation, your financial goals and any concerns you have with your history of managing bills and repaying any credit you may have had.

2. With your permission, we then order copies of your credit reports on your behalf, at no cost, from the three main Credit Reporting Agencies in Australia:

   Equifax (previously known as Veda).
   Experian Australia
   Illion (formerly trading as Dun & Bradstreet Australia)3. Once we have received your credit reports, your personal Credit Expert then reviews them, along with your credit score, to identify any issues or concerns.

3. Your personal Credit Expert will then be back in touch to take you through the issues that are affecting your credit, providing an assessment of your current credit situation and a range of options for improving your credit, addressing any debt you may have and getting you back in control of your financial situation. At Fix Bad Credit, we cut through the confusing language, complicated finance jargon and pushy financial advise you’re probably used to. Instead, we use everyday simple language, ensuring you understand exactly what can be done to improve your credit, stop worrying about the never-ending bills and get rid of those pesky creditors and debt collectors.

So, if you’re ready to take back control of your finances contact Fix Bad Credit today for a free, no-obligation confidential review of your credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really become debt free?

Our experienced team have been helping Australians get out of debt for over 10 years. No matter your unique situation, we have a solution to help you achieve a debt free life.

How can Fix Bad Credit help me with my debt?

Fix Bad Credit’s mission is to help you take control of your debt and achieve financial freedom. We will undertake a free confidential assessment of your current finances, taking the time to fully understand your unique financial situation to tailor the best debt solution options to meet your needs. We provide you with as much information as possible upfront, so you can make an informed and confident decision about the debt solution that’s best for your particular circumstances and budget. We then deal directly with your creditors, you only deal with the same friendly credit and debt solution expert that you have since day 1. We take care of the pain, so you can get on with living.

Does it cost to check my credit score?

No, you can request a free copy of your personal credit report online from the three Credit Reporting Agencies.

  • Equifax (previously known as Veda).
  • Experian Australia
  • Illion (formerly trading as Dun & Bradstreet Australia)

Alternatively, you can contact us, and we can order your credit reports on your behalf, at no cost.

How do I stop the debt collector calling me?
Working with Fix Bad Credit, our legal team will contact your creditors, and stop those annoying phone calls, once and for all. Your stress will be less and you’ll no longer need to worry every time your phone rings.