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Are you eligible for bankruptcy in Perth?

You’re eligible for bankruptcy in Western Australia if you:
Can prove you are unable to pay your debts when they’re due
Have a business or residential connection in Australia or be living in Australia.

If you’re struggling to get on top of your debt in Perth, are being harassed by creditors and your credit history is preventing you from entering into an informal debt arrangement such as debt consolidation, then a formal debt arrangement, like bankruptcy, might be an option for you.

Declaring bankruptcy in Perth may be the solution to your financial freedom

If you find yourself in a position where you feel you are unable to pay your debts in Perth and cannot come to a satisfactory arrangement with your creditors, bankruptcy could be your best option. However, bankruptcy understandably has a bad reputation and can seem like a horrifying prospect. It certainly has its disadvantages and should never be considered as a first option if you can otherwise pay off your debts. However, it can offer you a fresh chance to start over. Declaring bankruptcy is not a process to be undertaken lightly, as there are serious consequences of doing so.

If you’re considering bankruptcy, I suggest you contact us first. Once you have spoken with one of Fix Bad Credit’s bankruptcy experts in Perth, we will help you with a free no obligation review of your financial situation to identify your options, so you can choose the best option for you.

Experienced Team Helping Thousands

Our company helps people looking down the barrel of bankruptcy in Perth. Our highly experienced financial experts combine all the essential knowledge regarding the industry and apply it in the best possible way. It is done to get the best possible results. Thousands of Perth and Australian clients have turned to us for help to understand and then overcome financial challenges.

How declaring bankruptcy may assist you

When you declare bankruptcy, you will be released from your debts and your creditors will no longer be calling, emailing, sending letters, and knocking on your door.

Below are some ways Bankruptcy can relieve the burden of debt:
The pressure is taken off you because you don’t have to deal with your creditors
Legal action against you to recover many types of debt will stop.
The Sheriff will not be able to take your essential household goods
You will be able to keep some protected property such as essential household goods and a motor vehicle (speak to our debt expert for more information and the conditions that apply
You can still earn an income
Most of your debts are cancelled.

Our Aim

At Fix Bad Credit, our mission is your financial freedom. One of our experts in Bankruptcy Advice in Perth will carefully assess your personal and financial situation so we can tailor a personalised debt solution package to best meet your goals. Your personalised debt solution package will contain options to help you take back control of your debt and start you on your journey to financial freedom.

If you are desperate to get debt help in Victoria, we are just a call away. If you are faced with challenges paying money you owe, our team of experts can assist you with a detailed evaluation of your options. Dependent on your specific circumstances there are both informal and formal debt solution options available to you. The Fix Bad Credit team is experienced in providing all types of debt help in Perth.

Is There Any Way Out to Avoid Bankruptcy?

At Fix Bad Credit Perth, we know that that mountain of debt can look overwhelming, we also know that that it’s possible to get out of debt, no matter how tough it might look. As debt solution experts, we assess your unique situation and offer personalised, tailored debt solution options to help you take back control of your money and start on your journey towards financial freedom for you and your family. There is always a way out of the problem, and bankruptcy doesn’t need to be your first choice. Fix Bad Credit is dedicated to helping you achieve financial freedom. We are an independent debt solutions team with access to bankruptcy experts all over Australia.

Can I travel overseas after declaring bankruptcy?

Now the borders have opened in Perth are you eyeing up an overseas trip? The good news is that as long as you remain compliant and do what is required of you, you can travel overseas if you’re bankrupt. It pays to apply early, but all you have to do is get approval from your bankruptcy trustee and pay a government application fee. Make sure you stay compliant though or else you face disappointment when your application is denied.

Get the Bankruptcy Advice You Need in Perth

Located in the heart of Perth, the Fix Bad Credit firm offers a wide range of services. All organisations, creditors, and individuals, including bankruptcy clients in Perth, can rely on us to help with bankruptcy and insolvency matters. You can take advantage of our free initial consultation to better understand your current financial situation and help you determine the best course of action.

Proven Solutions in Bankruptcy Advice in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth

Our bankruptcy advice is not limited just to Perth, but also Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Adelaide. Bankruptcy has no borders, and the Fix Bad Credit team is able to provide assistance with your debt concerns across Australia.

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Bankruptcy in the Era of COVID-19

The economic impact of COVID-19 is creating significant challenges for both individuals and businesses. As a result, commonwealth legislative changes came into effect from 25 March 2020 to provide immediate relief for people facing financial difficulty due to the economic impacts of COVID-19. The temporary changes included:
an increase in the debt threshold, which enabled creditors to apply for a bankruptcy notice
an increase to the timeframe for a debtor to respond to a bankruptcy notice
an increase to the temporary debt protection period available to debtors.
As of 1 January 2021, those temporary changes have ceased. An amendment has also been made to adjust the bankruptcy threshold. This means:
the minimum amount of debt that can trigger bankruptcy is $10,000, down from $20,000
temporary debt protection allows for 21 days relief from creditors, instead of six months.
Your Perth base Fix Bad Credit bankruptcy advisor can keep you advised of any other changes to the bankruptcy legislation, if and when they come into effect.

Benefits Of Working With Fix Bad Credit

No more missed payments – unlike before when you had several bills to pay with different due dates, the Fix Bad Credit team in Melbourne can put together a payment plan for you where all you have is one payment each month, making it far easier to manage and much harder to forget.

Fix Bad Credit – The team at Fix Bad Credit in Melbourne will negotiate a repayment plan with your creditors that makes it easier for you to make your repayments on time and in full, demonstrating good repayment habits and avoiding defaults through late payments, improving your credit score.

No more annoying calls from creditors – lenders enlist the help of debt collectors to help collect payments from people who haven’t been paying up or who have a history of paying late. When you sign up with Fix Bad Credit, expect any calls from creditors to stop.

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    CJ was amazing! Instead of trying to sell me something we didn’t need, he has directed us to someone who could actually help us get the proper finance options we needed. Thank you for doing the right thing and help us get to where we need to be.
    Brooke Clarke
    Brooke Clarke
    10:59 15 Aug 22
    An opportunity came knocking and I needed to access equity in my property to take advantage of this. A default on my credit report had me thinking I was going to miss out. My broker told me he knew the best in the business and put me in touch with Fix Bad Credit. My broker was right. They exceeded my expectation. Can not recommend them enough. Great work team.
    Gunther Heidi
    Gunther Heidi
    17:57 12 Aug 22
    Very fast and professional service.
    Evan Bierman
    Evan Bierman
    16:05 08 Aug 22
    Excellent 👍 service!!
    Grace Harper
    Grace Harper
    14:42 07 Aug 22
    When I was struggling with my credit, I didn't know who to turn to. I had heard of Fix Bad Credit, but I didn't know if they could really help me. But I decided to give them a try, and they completely blew me away. In just a few weeks, they were able to clear up all the mess that the other company had made. I'm so happy that I went with them - they saved me from a lot of hassle and stress. Thank you, Fix Bad Credit!
    Grace Eva
    Grace Eva
    07:17 05 Aug 22
    I had a very good experience with fix bad credit who gave me good honest advice an helped me to fix my credit rating. Thanks.Highly recommend
    luke messineo
    luke messineo
    01:50 04 Jul 22
    Had a good experience, Fix Bad Credit has been helpful, good communication, provided knowledge and financial advise as well as providing goods customer service.
    Kate Zituta
    Kate Zituta
    02:18 09 May 22
    Myself and my partner engaged another credit repair company to assist with default removals, and cleaning up the credit file.Unfortunately they took our money, and that was all. The ombudsman became involved, but in the end we were left with nothing.The Fix Bad Credit team offered to help. And they certainly did that. Credit score is now above 800 and they are now assisting us with a $60k debt.It’s been life changing. I strongly recommend if you have debt, or credit issues, to reach out to the team at Fix Bad credit. Thanks again Carey absolute legend!!!
    07:54 13 Jul 21
    I went to the Fix Bad Credit team as I was living with the burden each month trying to pay back debt due to unforeseen life circumstances that had occurred over the last few years which often led me taking time off work and only making the minimal payments. As a single parent I felt I wasn't getting anywhere. The Fix Bad Credit team have negotiated a massive saving for me and managed to consolidate the remaining debt into monthly affordable payments without interest being incurred. Any issues I may have had on my credit report and have now been removed. I look forward to being able to purchase a home in the future which wouldn't have been possible before. Thanks so much Fix Bad Credit Team, super grateful.
    Kellie Lyndon-James
    Kellie Lyndon-James
    02:00 09 Jul 21
    Fantastic. Defaults removed from Credit report, and now debt free. couldn't have done it without your help. Stoked.
    Ray Hunter
    Ray Hunter
    06:25 21 Jun 21

    How It Works

    Becoming Financially Free Is Easier Than You Think

    Step 1: Identify

    Asking for help is the hardest part. Which is why you get a personal debt and credit solution expert to confidentially review your unique situation and work with you every step of the way

    Step 2: Plan

    We then work with you, providing options for improving your credit, reducing debt and managing any repayments

    Step 3: Repair

    We can then assist with your chosen options each step of the way, implementing your unique credit and debt solution strategy

    Step 4: Monitor

    We offer an on-going service to continue to monitor your credit situation, regularly reviewing any changes to your credit score and identifying potential problems before they affect your financial well-being.