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ISSUE SIX 26th Aug 21

Welcome to our weekly round-up of money matters, where we take the
complication and confusion out of the jargon-riddled world of finance.

What is the FIG Centre?
How it’s Changing lives


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How we helped Estelle
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Sisto Tafunai


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The FBC FIG Centre – for your financial improvement and growth

At Fix Bad Credit, we’ve been listening to what you want. Without fail, financial freedom is it. Schools and universities rarely teach us anything about managing our finances, credit reports, credit scores, credit cards, loans, debt repayment (and that’s just getting started)…but if we don’t control our money, our money will control us.

In response, we’ve created the FIG Financial Improvement and Growth Centre.

The FIG Financial Improvement and Growth Centre is a one-stop information hub, containing jargon free hacks and tips (plus great reads) about your money and how to manage it. At the FIG Centre you can be empowered to grow from surviving to thriving!

Unit 6 Survive Or Thrive

By now you should have a better understanding of how your credit report, and credit score work.

You have been given a tool that only the top 16% of Australians use, to ensure you have a diligent spending plan in place. You have all the tools, and all the knowledge you need. The only thing left for you to control your finances, is the only thing we can’t give you. That’s discipline. Discipline is all you. Either you control your finances, or your finances control you. The choice is yours.

The finance industry can be very grey and confusing

By informing you about how to nurture your money, the FBC FIG Centre will empower you to grow beyond the boundaries stopping you reaching your financial goals.

You too can produce fruit… like a FIG – one of the most lavish fruits on the planet!


Learn how she went from bad credit and declined to approved and her very own new home being built.

Financial Improvements

Assisting Australians make

of improvements to their lives in 2021 to date.


Sisto Tafunai

Sisto has been a crucial and integral part of our little family receiving our first home. He has conducted himself in the highest professional level whilst remaining personal and knowing what is important for a family. We are extremely excited to be moving in and highly recommended Sisto to any person who is seeking someone who will always put your interests above everything else.
Thank you again Sisto and wish you the very best in the future.”

0424 292 101


Check out below the latest from our FBC Blog with News, Tips , Knowledge from the World of Finance.

Looking for an escape plan? 7 steps for making it work

by Fix Bad Credit | Aug 25, 2021

Are you one of the millions of people in lock down in NSW or Victoria, feeling trapped in a small apartment with rowdy kids, or with housemates that are driving you crazy? Fed up with the uncertainty? Well, you’re not alone!

There’s been a dramatic increase in people buying property…

by Fix Bad Credit | Aug 25, 2021

Gold Coast property agents are reporting exponential increases in enquiries from out-of-state buyers looking for an escape from lockdown.

5 tricks to make you spending more money

by Fix Bad Credit | Aug 25, 2021

An auctioneer has just one job, just one objective and that is to get the most amount of money for their vendor – the house owner.


Jodi Coxon

Home Loans Specialist – Australian Regional Bank
Regional Australia Bank is a customer owned bank offering a range of personal & business banking products, home loans & credit cards to suit your needs. We demonstrate tangible value through quality, competitively priced products and a superior level of service from specialists that saves our members time, money and effort.

Port Macquarie

Peter Lacey

Finance Manager – Millard Financial
Millard Financial are specialists in acquiring Day New/Young ABN loans for new businesses. We supply businesses and consumers with competitive, tailored solutions that are often better than a bank or in-house finance team.

Gold Coast

Sally Prowse

Director – Sandcastle Finance
In our 14+ years of industry experience, we’ve always found the ideal solution for our clients. This also includes helping you stay up to date with changes and new products in the market that might provide an even better solution – and of course we go in to bat for you to negotiate a great rate.